Maud Karlsson is a graduate from the Ballet Academy in Stockholm, Sweden and left after graduation for New York. In New York, she worked extensively as a dancer for 11 years - 5 years with Donald Byrd/The Group - - amongst others (The photo to the right is from The Met out of doors/New York och Donald Byrd/The Group). She also began teaching and choreographing while being in New York and she has done numerous performances and nightclub shows.

After returning to Sweden Maud began writing poetry that finally led to the full lenght piece Hesitate, choose, throw myself in. The performance was shown at The House of Dance/Black Box/Stockholm and led to a number of commissioned work for art museums and conferences around Sweden. The focus was on custom made and site specific productions and MaudsArt was initiated.

During above mentioned period, Maud’s ways of expression was developing and the productions came to entail dance, text, and voice compositions. Sometimes her productions look like installations or performance art, and no room or situation is - for her - too small or too limited for a creationSince 1999 her productions has shown at numerous places, from north to south, at art halls, conferences, in theatres and royal gardens. To see more specific places, read more under History.  

In 2009 Maud did her first short film - Another way of saying it. A commissioned work for LMS (Teachers of modern languages) and their yearly conference. It awoke a huge interest for film in Maud, and she has, since then, continued with several short films. In her latest production - Les trois femmes - that premiered 2012 at Uppsala Stadsteater and has toured through Dancenet Sweden, several new films can be seen as part of the performance.

Maud began teaching 1985 in New York. Today she meets professional dancers, students and amateurs through companies, schools, institutions or corporations with dance, yoga or inspirational theme days. She is a very popular teacher.

Under several years Maud has been supported by the municipality of Uppsala, the regional office - Kultur och Bildning as well as by The Swedish Arts Grant Committée. 2012 she reieved a work stipend from erhöll hon ett arbetsstipendium from the municipality of Uppsala.
Maud collaborates with collegues in 
New York and her interest is to share her professional contacts with Uppsala and Sweden through Dansfiket/The Dance Café as well as through other productions. 

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