Custom made

Maud Karlsson creates artful work for that special purpose or situation that needs to convey a  statement, enhance a mood or offer a special experience.

Use at conferences, workshops, exhibits, theme days, seminars or open-spaces!

Utilize as an introduction and mood setter during one day or throughout the day or days at hand!

Show a provocative piece to initiate a discussion or something pleasurable for the participant!

Offer a true aesthetic experience that allow the participant to change focus for the day! 

Allow the participants to physically partake in some collaborated expression or work!

Choose something from the repertoire or make a wish!

Photos from:
La Creatura - Trädgår’n Gothenburg (conference about growth and expansion)
Opening - Galleri Strömbom
En Dans på rosor - Uppsala
Workshop for University of Music
Narcisskas sanning - opening Gävle art center
Amore -  Örbyhus Castle's Orangeri
- Skandiascenen Uppsala
Her Self - video

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