Dansfiket/The Dance Café

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Dansfiket/The Dance Café is a concept where contemporary dance meets a coffe brake (Swedish Fika). Nationally and internationally acclaimed choreographers and dancers share their work through work-in-progress, parts from existing works, complete works or through improvisations.  They also talk about their thoughts regarding choreographic and artistic thinking, all in dialogue with the audience
In the concept there is also an interest to invite artists from other artforms such as; musicians, poets and filmmakers and the intention is to create a
curiousity for dance and that through these meetings  one can acquire new tools in watching contemporary dance.  

Dansfiket/The Dance Café began 2009 at Den Lilla Teatern in Uppsala Sweden. The initiative developed due to that Maud had worked for nearly 30 years with contemporary dance and now found it harder than ever to explain what contemporary dance was for the unaccustomed viewer.  She had also observed an insecurity regarding the understanding of what one saw and experienced as an audience when looking at contemporary dance. She wanted to create possiblities for growing an interest, a curiosity and an understanding of dance and for that, the artform needed and needs a continuity in Uppsala.

Her interest was to create easily accessible situations where one could take part of different genres within the contemporary dance field and The Dance Café became one of those venues. 4 Dance Cafés took place at Den Lilla Teatern where at least 2 choreographers/dancers guestsed each time. Maud’s intention was  to create the opportunity to be able to see that this artform is expansive and that one does not equal all

2013 Dansfiket/The Dance Café  moved into the town theater - Uppsala Stadsteater - www.uppsalastadsteater.se - and made a flying start. During 6 Saturdays, you could drop by for a a coffee/fika, see dance, talk about dance, ask about dance and try dance. The concept was a success and continued during the spring season 2014 with 3 more exciting meetings.
Today the concept is continually developing and finding new platforms. In November 2014 a vertical dance performance was shown on the curch of 
Helga Trefaldighet and its tower, and during 2015 Dansfiket/The Dance Café will show exciting work at Köttinspektionen, Uppsala art museum and downtown Uppsala (read more under Calendar). 

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Dansfiket på Helga Trefaldighetskyrkans torn 2014 (UNT)
Dansfiket på Uppsala Stadsteater 2013
Dansfiket på Helga Trefaldighetskyrkans torn, del av publik, 2014

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