On the wings of art

On the wings of art - for the possibilities of children 2014

Exhibition in the Tropical garden, Uppsala, May 17-25 (FREE)
Opening May 17  11am-12pm
Auction May 25 2pm
Auctionist: Sten Bernhardsson 

All funds will go to the Red Cross in Uppsala.

After the auction, 20000SEK was handed over to The Red Cross.

At the opening three mothers and their babies will perform Metamorphosis
Dancers: Gita Berg, Hea Ekstam och Lisa Karm Togo
Percussionists: Anna von Malmborg, Kerstin Bergman and Sylvia Måsen

A collaboration between dancer Maud Karlsson and sculptor Henny Linn Kjellberg 2005, resulted in 70  porcelain butterflies and the performance In Rapture.

The project ended but the butterflies continue their symbolic transformation.

24 artists were invited to recreate one or more butterflies in their own unique way. The new creations are auctioned out to the highest bidding May 25. 

MaudsArt in collaboration with Uppsala University, Botanical Gardens, Red Cross/Uppsala and the participating artists.

Photographer: Pontus Eklund

På konstens vingar copy

© Maud Karlsson 2015