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129 ft2

A ridiculously simple way to great and unexpected dance!

A mobile dance performance that comes very close to its audience where the dancers show up where and when you want them to!
No technique required!
For all ages and spaces!

Concept: Maud Karlsson

 3 dancers
 A 129 ft2 vinyl mat
 Short, intensive performances

The dancers roll out the mat and this is when the perfomance begins. Due to the improvised structure of the piece, no one really knows what will happen and the emphazis of the piece mainly  address; Initiative, trust, responsiveness, respect, courage and collaboration. 
Topics suitable for all types of groups, disregarding age!

Can be done with or without workshop within the context;
Dare, trust, respect and collaborate.

The performance caters to:
 CorporationsPerfect for the conference, meeting, party, or seminar.
 Public placesIndoors or outdoors

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It’s mostly beautiful, but the movement vocabulary also entails humor. A mixture of head spins worthy street dancers and lifts from any romantic pas de deux from the classical ballet legacy.”  
Susanne Sigroth-Lambe UNT

Photographer: Pontus Eklund

© Maud Karlsson 2015