Maud Karlsson creates solos with humor and depth. The following three are on the repertoire:

Amore - An absurd female image where laughter might choke. A love thirsty, applethrowing, flirtatious woman suddenly catches a glimps of herself. Ca 5 min.

Naked feet - An everyday woman is just gonna… She hurries on and gets wildly stressed. She picks herself up, rolles up the sleeves, perky and chirpy…Finally nothing works. Entertaining food for thought for the stressed to watch. Ca 10 min.

Plingeling - A dance composition to the music/art composition by Olle Baertling. 6 min.

The solos have been performed at Tierps municipality conference, Uddevalla art hall, Gothenburg Stadsteater, 24kvadrat/Gothenburg, Gunnebo castle, Uppsala art museum and Gottsunda Dans & Teater. 

Photographer: Coste Apetrea

Amore copy

© Maud Karlsson 2015