Stories a la Maud is a branching out from the talk show A la Maud and an online series of conversations.
When we during the Covid-19 pandemic need to practice social distancing, other aspects of life surface, good and bad. Maud Karlsson wants to peek into a few people's lives and see what they are doing with their time and since A la Maud is a platform for the arts within a contemporary context, the question is what do artists do with their creativity in these times?
See below for the conversations.

May 22 - Fabio Liberti
, Italy/Copenhagen, Denmark

May 29 -  Andrea Star Reese, New York, USA

June 5 - Coste Apetrea & Emmy Apetrea, Uppsala, Sweden

June 12 - Donald Byrd, Seattle, USA
June 26 - Jeremiah Jerry Junior Shamge, Uppsala, Sweden

Stories a la Maud is a collaboration between MaudsArt and Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Thanks to:
Region Uppsala, Beautyculture by Janine, Choices Uppsala and Rediviva Optik