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Her Story - The Collections - Skogsrå



An alternative perspective of the mythology about ”Skogsrået” with the beautiful front, the hollow back and sometimes an added tail, was presented by the Swedish author Alice Lyttkens in Svensk Kvinna ( Swedish Woman, 1941). When a woman was accused or suspected of adultery a thousand years ago, her only garment was torn and through the hole showed her bare back, or seen from a far, one could sense a cavity. The woman was sent away, an outcast, and in every village she approached everyone new, due to the tear in her back,  what she was accused of. and subsequently not welcome. In this way, women roamed around in the forests, reserved and at the same time in need of contact. Alice Lyttkens suggests a hypothesis that this traditional punishment could very well be the basis of the myth about Skogrået.

A woman who had to become 
strong and independent - a survivor.

Maud Karlsson, artist and performer, uses this hypothesis as the base in Her Story - The Collections - Skogsrå. A collection of COATS for women where extra ordinary secrets are hidden in the back of the coat. A play with hollow backs and tails that also give the experience of power, history,  beauty and perhaps even the sense of restoration for the woman who wear the garment.


The coats are created with the thought of all women in the world and our shared environment. Tailored, hand printed and cared for, every step of the way to full creation. Each coat is uniquely made and there are not two alike in the world.

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