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September 21 and October 5

Ceremoni(e) Performance Voice&Body
Together with musician Girilal Baars, Maud will enter an improvisation as a work-in-progress.
September 21 - Kvarnbo kvarn
October 5 - Uppsala Art museum


November 19

Due to dancer Siv Ander's 80th birthday and choreographer Donald Byrd turning 70 earlier 2019, the shortfilm Förgät mig ej (Forget me not) will be released online as a tribute to the beautiful performers. Link will come up here.













Filming Her Self II (working title). Awaiting the post production.


February 26-March 5
Visiting the childrens hospital in Eldoret, Kenya and collaborating on a new short film with artist Martin Lima de Faria -, the children and personnel at the hospital, Shoe4Africa - and Amanda Homi, New York-














March 7
Performance and inspirational presence at Gävle Konstcentrum and Gävle municipality's citizens call # 1.

March 22
Open House - Art Hall.
Art, performance, conversations and drinks at the home of Maud Karlsson and Martin Lima de Faria -
An improvisation with Maud Karlsson and Girilal Baars  - - in the process of creating the collaborative performance Cermonin (The Cermony). To visit, contact us!

March 29
A la Maud - the talk show. For more information, se A la Maud. For tickets:

April 8
Screening, performing and inspirational presence at Gävle municipality's citizens call #2.

April 9-May 2
Residence in New York City. Working on the project Foremothers and furthering the photography series Crevices. With the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee -

May 15

Screening and inspirational presence at Gävle municipality's citizens call #3.

Photo: Stewen Quigley

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