An improvisational journey with body and voice.

A collaboration between Girilal Baars - www.girilal.com - and Maud Karlsson.

A 40min performance highly flexible.

The two artists venture into a ceremony without really knowing why and how the ceremony needs to be held. Only that it is indeed necessary.

With acute attention and presence, the two artists interwine their voices and happenings, creating an exciting journey for the audience.

Photo cred: Mark Harris

Created with the support from Uppsala kommun kulturnämnden.


Me, myself and I

Should she take the plunge towards her dream or...?
Yes, no, wait... What was it she wanted again?


Me, myself and I is a solo performance about dreams and how easy we loose ourselves in the midst of all our different desires and fears. Sometimes it takes great effort to move towards ones dream.


For adults and youth.
35 min intensity. Nerves on guard. All emotions allowed.
Serious and humorous.

Photo cred:
Mark Harris and Martin Lima de Faria


Made with the support from Kulturenheten Dans, Uppsala

På 12m2

A bold and simple solution with cutting edge and unexpected contemporary dance.


A mobile dance performance very near its audience. Indoors or outdoors.

No stage needed, no technique!

● 3 dancers
● A 3x4 (meter) vinyl mat
● Short intensive performances

The mat is rolled out and the performance begins. The dancers work with improvisation only and playfulness and humor is mixed with virtuoso dance technique and intimacy.


This format, based on improvisation,  focuses on ones own initiative, listening, respect and cooperation and is therefore perfect for the conference,  meeting, the party or festival. With or without workshop for schools, teambuilding or kick-offs.


Concept: Maud Karlsson

Photo cred: Pontus Eklund

Her Self

The woman in the portrait is surprised to discover that she is being watched. First flattered, she wants to impress the viewer but looses herself in the process. Suddenly she realize that her mirrored image is totally out of sync and  being watched becomes uncomfortable and difficult to relate to. 

This is a piece about the complexity of being seen or watched, about self images, getting stuck in self made roles and the subtle choices we make to stay within our frame.

Existential questions regarding who the mirrored image is, who is the viewer, who is viewing whom and who is Her Self?

This art film can be screened as a film but it is also  shown as an art piece with monitor, a gold frame and a motion sensor. It's plays in a loop and our woman will therefore never leave her portrait.

Perfect for that special occasion to initiate a conversation, the exclusive event, lobbies and galleries.

Producer, performer: Maud Karlsson
Directors: Martin Lima de Faria and Judy Lieff
Photographer: Jesper Klevenås
VFX and art director: Fredrik Borg
Sound: Felix Anéer
Music: Coste Apetrea

Made with the support from The Swedish Arts Council Committee and Uppsala Kommun Kulturnämnden.